Add on-demand delivery platform that scales with the needs of your customers

Deliver same-day with us for cheaper than next day with them. Contact our sales team to receive a custom quote.


What We Do

Offer Delivery With Joeys

Last mile delivery specialists using gig workers and more!

Last Mile Delivery

  • Same-day deliveries.
  • Next-day deliveries.
  • Schedule deliveries.
  • Dedicated deliveries.

Proof Of Delivery

  • Pictures with all deliveries.
  • Delivery to door policy.
  • Signature capturing.
  • ID verification.
  • Smart serve verified.

Custom Tracking

  • Complete tracking of each package.
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation through email or SMS.
  • Real time notification.


  • Delivering 7 days a week at no extra charge (commercial and residential).
  • Customized pickup schedules for each client.
  • All packages delivered before 9PM.
  • Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary.


  • Liability coverage up to $50.
  • Customize liability coverage (optional).
  • No surcharges or hidden delivery fees.


  • Meal Prep.
  • 3PL and 4PL.

JoeyCo Hubs

  • Receiving, Sorting.
  • Storing and Out bounding.

JoeyCo Pickups

Pickups from Stores or DC's.

Cross Province Shipping

Zone skipping.

Customer Support

  • Email, Live Chat and Live Call support around the clock for your customers.
  • We understand things happen and offer upto 3 attempts on all our shipments.
  • Free address change for clients if needed.


  • Small business: Access to our client portal for all your order creation and label printing needs.
  • Enterprise: Access to our order creation API, allowing the best in class geocoding and address validation system. Take control of your shipments with our shipment status API and never be left in the dark with our 24 different shipment notifications.

Solve your toughest delivery problems

  • Flexibility

    Offering clients with on-demand, same-day or on-demand deliveries across our network. Your clients want your products in their hand, we help make that happen.

    With our customized pickup schedule, our clients have the ability to choose the best time and location for their pickups. Either from store or a FC, we got you covered.

  • Economical

    What you see is what you get, no surcharges or accessorial charges a simple flat free pricing based on weight!

    Offering deliveries at upto 50% of what the other guys charge. Want to know how? Lets Talk!

    Asset light operations! JoeyCo has been in business for 10 years! We have learnt a thing or two!

  • Reliability

    All JoeyCo Delivery Partners go through background checks and training, so you can be confident your items are in good hands from pickup to delivery.

    Delivering 7 days a week! 365 days a year! The world might pause but our logistic network doesn't!

    Worlds largest enterprise client trust us and so can you!

  • Place Deliveries Easily

    Whether via the app or website or API, place your order on the device that is most convenient for you.

How to Book a Delivery

Get instant quotes from the app or website, and book an order in less than a minute. We’ll match you with a reliable delivery partner who will pickup and drop off your items in less than an hour.

  • 1
    Enter pickup location, drop-off destination(s)
    Enter pickup location, drop-off destination(s)
  • 2
    Select a vehicle that fits your delivery needs
    Select a vehicle that fits your delivery needs
  • 3
    Enter delivery instructions in the notes section
    Enter delivery instructions in the notes section
  • 4
    Choose your payment method and submit order
    Choose your payment method and submit your order
  • 5
    Track your order with live-tracking
    Track your order with live-tracking

We Partner With All Industries

Frequently asked questions

JoeyCo is currently available in Great Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary. Coming soon: Vancouver, Edmonton and Halifax.
You name it, you got it. From groceries to dry cleaning and everything in between, if it’s in a store or restaurant in your city, we can deliver it.
Delivery Agents, known as “Joey’s” are enthusiastic members of your neighbourhood. When your delivery is accepted, you are immediately introduced to your Joey through their profile, delivery records and their ratings.

What our Joeys Say about JoeyCo

It's the first job I really enjoy. I feel free when I work outside. What I enjoy the most about working for Joeyco is the flexibility and the lovely community.

Emily K. Nye Joey