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“There’s no traffic on the extra mile” – JoeyCo will help you grow and satisfy your customer delivery demand

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What We Do

Offer Delivery With Joeys

Last mile delivery specialists using gig workers and more!

Last Mile Delivery

  • On demand deliveries
  • Next day deliveries
  • Schedule deliveries

Proof Of Delivery

  • Safe drops with pictures
  • Room of choice
  • White Glove service
  • Signature
  • Reattempt all packages

Custom Tracking

  • Complete trancenery of packages
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Real time notification bread crumb tracking
  • White label tracking pages


  • Delivery 7 days a week
  • Pick up or direct injection into hubs
  • Intra provincial transfers between hubs
  • Deliver before 9pm


  • Liability coverage up to $100
  • Customize liability coverage


  • Meal Prep
  • 3PL and 4PL

JoeyCo Hubs

  • Receiving, Sorting
  • Storing and Out bounding

JoeyCo Pickups

Pick ups from Stores or DC's

Cross Province Shipping

Zone skipping

Customer Support

Comprehensive support for our delivery customers, dedicated team of trained staff assisted with intelligent chat automation for a seamless experience

Delivery Coverage Map

If you're looking for a delivery partner that can provide you with tailored logistics solutions get in touch today.

JoeyCo is currently available in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and New Brunswick.

Delivery Solutions Tailored For You

We have the right product for you.

  • Real time instant quote with no hidden charges
  • Quick, easy-to-use online booking to save you time and money
  • Access a national network of trusted Joeys which are trained to handle your product and know what your customers are looking for.
  • Custom-built mobility solutions for diverse sectors: Real time tracking for both yourself and your clients. You now know exactly who and where your package is

It’s easy to use, clear and self-explanatory. The ability to search for loads is one of the best systems I have used, (the) invoicing side takes care of itself so (it’s) less work.”

Estella V. Fells (Four Leaf Clover)

We Partner With All Industries

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How We Can Help Your Business

Industries We Serve!

JoeyCo offers same-day, scheduled and on-demand delivery solution to meet growing online customer demand expectations.

How We Help Enterprises

JoeyCo provides API and EDI integration options to streamline communication. Enterprise clients have the ability to track in real time the status of all their shipments.

We offer our service 7 days a week with complete customizable pick up schedules. JoeyCo can pick up from your retail locations or warehouses across the country.

JoeyCo provides white labeling solutions for your customers tracking page and gives you the ability to customized and trailer our solutions to your needs.

You deserve a delivery partner that can keep up with the demand for your products and services.

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